Is the glass half empty or half full? Always your choice.

For me, the glass is all full. Am I a Pollyanna? Perhaps just a little. Am I fortunate? I believe so. My life has had many ups and downs including being widowed and divorced so it’s not like I have been sailing on calm waters all these years. There were many times that the glass seemed shattered, never mind what it was filled with.

This is about attitude so here is one of my all full stories…recently we had a super storm in Cincinnati and I ended up with almost 3 feet of water in my basement. It lasted only a couple of hours before receding, leaving many piles of sodden trash in its wake. Business papers, off season clothes, extra kitchen pots and pans, vacuum, important documents, fabric, furniture and the lost list goes on and on…page after page.

Whenever I tell someone about the flood incident they adopt a pitying look, and begin whispering words of consolation. I stop them with a huge smile and explain, “It’s the best thing that happened to me in many years!” With their glass half empty attitude they look at me quizzically.

Why be anxious, depressed, and negative when my “found” list was so much longer than what was lost? AND…I realize that for many who have lost everything, it’s much harder to rally those positive feelings…of course it is. I lost some things of value but most are replaceable. I have not had to live with black mold for the past couple of months so I still have my health. I did not have eight or ten feet of water that ruined valuable antiques, family treasures and precious artwork. So some will say – “easy for you to say”…your whole life did not get blown up.

No, it did not. Not this time. I am an expert at blowing up my own life. I don’t need a fire or flood to do that. I do have empathy and compassion for those who have lost everything…it has happened to me, more than once, so deep down I know…and I choose to carry on with my glass all full.

I tip my all glass full to all of my friends and the kind people who were, are and continue to be there for me…time and again. We get to choose at every moment in life how we will respond or react to the situations and arise. Do we make lemonade or are we weighed down by a bag of lemons…? You choose.

Carol Walkner, Transformational Strategist, Reiki Master, Energy Clearing & BalancingAuthor of Getting There… From Here Creative Strategies to Transform Your Business & Life.